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The State of the Mile in 2014

March 22, 2014

U.S. prize money for Mile events increased by 63% in 2013; every American boy and girl should have the opportunity to race the Mile at high school meets not just the best high school Milers.

By Scott Bush,

The Mile is the most notable, storied track & field event in the United States. To break four minutes put you in an elite category. Mention you ran track & field to a casual sports fan and they'll ask what your fastest Mile time is.

Our latest TF365 interview is with Ryan Lamppa, founder of Bring Back the Mile, an mission driven organization around the promotion of the Mile. If you follow road racing and track & field, you know the Mile is making a comeback, as numerous events are being created every year around the Mile distance and 1500m and 1600m events are switching over to the Mile. Read along as we chat with Ryan about the growth of the event, how BBTM looks as we start a new outdoor track & field season and much more.

Scott Bush (SB): TheMile has seemingly grown quite a bit, at least in national discussion, since you started Bring Back the Mile. Is this a fair observation?

Ryan Lamppa (RL): Yes, no question that the Mile has a higher profile and interest and there are more Miles contested than two years ago, and we will take some credit for the Mile "buzz". In addition, U.S. prize money for Mile events increased by 63% from $138,750 in 2012 to $226,490 in 2013 so athletes earned more Mile money this year than the previous year.

SB: Looking back on your initial BBTM goals, are you achieving the success you were hoping for at this point?

RL: In short, yes. To-date, we have established a good beachhead via our website, Mile wire, social media and BBTM Tour, and we have received a terrific response to our campaign from the media, athletes, events, fans of the Mile and others. (Editor's note: BBTM recently signed HOKA ONE ONE as a major sponsor.)

And our work on returning the Mile to State track meets across the country will take time and we look forward to the first state to join Massachusetts to again run the Mile at the high school level beyond select invitational meets such as Arcadia and the adidas Dream Mile. Every American boy and girl should have the opportunity to race the Mile at high school meets not just the best high school Milers.

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