Why the Mile?

No running distance, or field event for that matter, has the history, the enduring appeal, the “magic” of the Mile. The Mile, like the 100 meters and the marathon, is a running event that most Americans know something about or have a general feeling for, and thus, there is a built-in awareness of and audience for the Mile.

In America, the Mile – lower and upper case – is deeply embedded in our culture and history. We are one of the few countries in the world that still uses the mile as a distance measurement, and thus, as a centuries old result, Americans think, speak and relate in miles not kilometers (“How many miles did you run today?”, “I averaged five-minute miles in my race”, etc.). In short, Americans "get" the Mile not the 1500 meters.

Because the 1500 meters, or worse, the misfit 1600 meters at the high school level, do not have the same historical significance and cultural, media and promotional value as the Mile. There is no 1500 meter equivalent to Roger Bannister’s historic and still revered & resonating first sub-4 minute Mile; put simply, the Mile is iconic, classic and timeless.

In addition, per recent studies, the Mile is the ideal fitness distance for everybody, regardless of age or ability.

America also understands the mystique of the Mile, particularly the sub-4 minute Mile, and the Mile is as American as Thanksgiving, baseball, apple pie and The 4th of July! It is time we Bring Back the Mile, America’s distance! Join the Movement today. Go Mile!

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Our Team

No movement or change is done in a vacuum, and Bring Back the Mile is no exception to that rule. Our campaign will succeed because of the collective power of the people – known and unknown – who step up and make it happen. The idea became “real” when in the summer of 2011 we started reaching out to people for feedback and support on the Bring Back the Mile project. We were heartened not only by the positive response (“great idea”, “about time”), but moreover, by the immediate willingness to be part of the Bring Back the Mile effort (“How can I help?”). The support of the people and partners below provided the fuel for the launch of Bring Back the Mile, and we thank them.

Our Team’s mission is clear: to elevate and celebrate the Mile, to truly bring the iconic distance back where it belongs – at the sport’s core. The Bring Back the Mile journey has begun – all are welcome to join us under the BBTM Big Tent. Together, we can and will Bring Back the Mile!

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Ryan Lamppa, Founder
David Monico, Marketing Director
Established January 2012


American Distance Project

American Distance Project, based in Colorado Springs, CO, is a non-profit organization founded in 2006. Its primary goal is the development of U.S. distance runners to be internationally competitive.

Cool Hand Look

The best things in life are hand crafted. At Cool Hand Look we create winning marketing campaigns & content. If you feel lost in a sea full of products and vendors, then you need that Cool Hand Look.

Flynn Sports Management

Representing athletes in track & field and road racing, FSM won medals in almost all Major Championships and Olympic Games in the 1990s and has continued that success into the new millenium.

Global Athletics & Marketing, Inc.

From the sprints to the marathon, from the hurdles to the pole vault, from Arkansas to Addis Ababa to Shanghai, some of the most-respected and successful athletes in the sport call GA&M home.

Golden Coast Track Club

The Golden Coast Track Club's purpose is to teach our athletes the fundamentals of sport and of life. No short cuts, no quick fixes. Success takes time, dedication and a willingness to persevere.

Jim Ryun Running Camp

The Jim Ryun Running Camp develops the total runner – physically, mentally & spiritually.
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Return the Mile to prominence on the American & worldwide sports and cultural landscape by elevating and celebrating the Mile to create a movement.

Bring Back the Mile as the premier event in the sport, and increase interest in and media coverage of the Mile for both those who love the distance as well as the general public.

Bring Back the Mile to celebrate the storied distance and to recognize the people who made and make the Mile great and to promote Mile events and the next generation of U.S. Milers.

Bring Back the Mile to create a national movement for the Mile as America’s Distance,
to inspire Americans to run the Mile as part of their fitness program and to replace the 1600 meters at High School State Track & Field Meets across the country.

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