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On November 30, 1895, Andrew Walsh (USA) set the indoor Mile world record, clocking 4:26.0 at the 13th Regiment Armory Games in Brooklyn, NY; the only indoor Mile WR recorded in November and his mark lasted more than 10 years!



Ratified: road Mile world records for Kessler and Welteji

"The road Mile is a very American event and we're quite experienced...


A Select Group: Only 33 men have gone sub-4 and sub-2:10

Two-time Olympic Marathon champion Eliud Kipchoge fastest official...


Road Mile world records ratified for Hiltz and Prakel

The inaugural records were set at the 2023 Grand Blue Mile in Des...


Welteji, Kessler crush world records to win inaugural world road Mile titles in Riga

"The road Mile is a very American event and we're quite experienced...

Featured Athletes

Elinor St. Pierre

DOB: 02/20/95 Mile PR:
4:16.2 (road) - 2019
Metric Mile PR:
3:58.03 - 2021

Hobbs Kessler

DOB: 03/15/03 Mile PR:
3:54.0 (road) - 2022
Metric Mile PR:
3:32.61 - 2023

Yared Nuguse

DOB: 06/01/99 Mile PR:
3:43.97 - 2023 (U.S. record)
Metric Mile PR:
3:29.02 - 2023

Nikki Hiltz

DOB: 10/23/94 Mile PR:
4:16.35 - 2023 (U.S. record)
Metric Mile PR:
4:01.23 - 2023

Featured Events

Guardian Mile V

Sat, July 29
Cleveland, OH

40th Spirit Run Mile

Sun, March 17, 2024
Newport Beach, CA

Grand Blue Mile

Tues, April 24, 2024
Des Moines, IA

Mile of Truth

Sun, May 19, 2024
Danville, CA



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