BBTM GP Tour "Pick-the-Winner"
Presented by Running Warehouse

#TC1Mile Pick-the-Winner Contest has closed! Next up: GNC Live Well Liberty Mile on Friday, July 20 in the City of Champions: Pittsburgh

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Who ya got?! Choose your favorite male & female Milers for the Thursday evening, May 10 Medtronic TC 1 Mile, the BBTM GP Tour 2018 second stop! Share using #BringBackTheMile, #Tour2018 and #TC1Mile.

WIN: A runner's package courtesy of Running Warehouse & BOA as well as BBTM swag. Check out the prize list further below.



The professional female heat is at 7:52pm CDT and the pro men at 8:01pm CDT in Minneapolis, MN. The PTW contest closed at 7:50pm CDT.

3:55.8 Ben Blankenship (USA / OR), 2016
4:30.8 Sara Hall (USA / AZ), 2011

2017 Medtronic TC 1 Mile Champions
Ben Blankenship (USA / OR), 4:01 (4:01.0)
Emily Lipari (USA / MA), 4:35 (4:34.8)


  • Select the closest winning time for a chance to win a runner's package courtesy Running Warehouse & BOA. One male & one female will win plus a BBTM swag package.
  • Pick-the-Winners and be placed in a random drawing to win a BBTM swag package. One winner from the Men's field and one winner from the Women's field will be selected.

"Pick-the-Winner" Rules

  • Limited to one submission. If you enter more than once, we will take your most recent entry.
  • One may win no more than twice in a Tour calendar year; once per gender. 
  • For closest winning time tie-breakers, entries without decimal marks, such as 3:59, will be treated as 3:59.00; for 3:59.4, we will treat it as 3:59.40. Additionally, ties to the hundredth such as 3:59.40 we will randomly select the winner of the Running Warehouse package.
  • Those selecting the Men's or Women's winner will enter a random draw for one of two BBTM swag packages.
  • Winners will be announced via social media channels and formally notified via email within 3-5 days of contest completion.
  • Please allow 3-4 weeks for fulfillment of prizes. Good luck and go Mile!

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